Marlon Gray 3 Drawer Glass Drawer Chest

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This three drawer chest is effortlessly chic and fashionable. Designed with style and luxury, its classic painted finish and mirrored panels complement any living room. Beloved for its discreet, ample storage, designers often use in pairs, encompassing a sofa, or on its own as a nightstand for the bedroom. Take advantage of its wide top for a complementing lamp or artwork.

The glass is broken on each drawer and there are 2 drips of purple paint on the left side of the chest. The bottom drawer is missing a handle and the middle drawer does not open and close in a smooth manner because the rails do not line up properly on the right side. This would be a good piece to DIY the front of!

28 Inches (H) x 25 Inches (W) x 15 Inches (D)